Ocean Front Walk and 25th Sunset “Dog Park” Complaints


Ocean Front Walk

We have received an email signed by multiple residents that live near Ocean Front Walk and 25th asking that the nightly dog gathering be moved as it is saturating the ground with the stench of dog defecation. The residents, while pet lovers themselves, want the “Sunset Crew” to realize that “the stench of urine and feces caused by the sheer volume of pets brought to this one location all day long is constant and unneighborly”.

It is suggested that the “Sunset Crew” and those that use this area during the day change their meeting location to either the wide grassy knoll at 23rd and Ocean Front Walk (where the odors and noise will be set back from the houses far enough it should be a non-issue) or the grass in front of 27th and Ocean Front Walk as there is presently a large vacant lot there.

Be neighborly dog owners, and help these residents out by using an alternate location before they have to go to the city to solve this issue. Off leash tickets will not be fun and will be the only way the residents can try and curtail what they see as a large problem. Please pass the info on to other dog owners that there are more appropriate areas to meet.