Britney Spears Dreams of Opening a Bead Shop in Venice?


Britney Spears Steve Dennis

Venice resident Steve Dennis has written a new book on Britney Spears which is out now. Steve says

“I spent four mad months writing this at my place in the canals, and if it weren’t for speaking with the ducks, I’d have gone quackers. Garry Marshall might not use them for his films but I sure used them…for company! The first half of this year was spent writing in Venice Canals, going for breaks to watch sunset at Venice Beach, and receiving sustenance from Baja Cantina and Canali.

“And one of the most interesting things to emerge from the Britney research – she dreamed of opening up a bead shop with her assistant Felicia Culotta … in Venice. The girl who dreamed of
being famous ended up dreaming of having a normal life in Venice. Is there such a thing?”