More Overnight Parking Debate


The seemingly inevitable passing of overnight parking restrictions in Venice has a lot of people talking and taking action for both sides of the debate. Some say its a big money making sham for the city and all that someone needs to do is ask a friendly neighbor to buy them a permit for their RV and be done with it. Others say it is a civil rights issue and the gentrification of Venice and the moneyed elite just want an excuse to throw out those less fortunate than them. It seems like all of this could be solved by opening up one of the lots at the beach to overnight RV camping … but then again that would bring about a whole other set of problems .. like a permanent Grateful Dead show parking lot.

This week fliers were left door to door and the LA Weekly ran a solid piece that addresses what is happening here in our community. Read it by clicking here. Who got the flier? Thoughts? Post away in the forums, Yo.

Parking ONE.jpg

Click here and here to make them big enough to read.

Thanks to Yo! Venice! reader Boise for scanning the flier and sending it in!