Man Arrested for Wanting to Play Basket Ball


In what may have been a Venice Beach first, a guy got himself taken off to the pokey over the weekend for wanting to play basketball … or at least that is the way he probably remembers it. He was pretty ticked off that the Navy trailer was blocking one of the courts so he proceeded to start yelling F-The Military, F-The Police and F-everyone else involved in the Bull***t that was keeping him from playing some ball. Then he threw some stuff at the truck and yelled some more and waved a big stick around at the crowds and then … you guessed it … got himself arrested while yelling at all the tourists with some more fevered screams of belligerence. Dude, there were two other full courts open, why go postal?

This was him screaming at all the people watching the weight lifting competition about five minutes before he got arrested.
And this is him screaming some more at tourists and arresting officers.
Venice Beach Boardwalk Arrest