Homeless Controversy Video by the LA Times


The LA Times has posted a video by Robert J Lopez examining the concerns of Venice residents and business owners regarding homeless “car residences”. Homelessness is obviously an issue here in Venice we deal with on a daily basis that has no readily apparent solution. Some people need help, some do not want help and others are mentally unable or unwilling to receive help. Pushing people out that are down on their luck isn’t a humane thing to do yet waking up to a sidewalk of human excrement is not something tax paying residents should have to endure. The idea of paid lots for these vehicle residents seems a fair one that Councilman Bill Rosendahl supports. As Rosendahl told the LA Times, “people have a right to sleep in their vehicles, “but they can’t be in the faces of these Venice residents,” Rosendahl added that “he wants to find spots where campers and RVs can park and have access to running water and restroom facilities.”

I have to say I’ve looked at some of the more luxurious RV’s in the beach parking lots while humming The Who’s “Going Mobile” and it looks like a pretty attractive way of living in Venice for five dollars or so a day rent. Heck, if I got bored I could move my house up to Malibu for a few nights! Beats paying real money to live here, right? Maybe they know something we don’t!