Jan 9th – Lost Dog Report


Update: This is pretty cool news .. we posted the picture at 6:54 and at 7:05 got a call that reader Mandy had the dog and the owner was on the way to get it!! … good job, YoVenice readers, and THANKS to Mandy for finding a pup within ten minutes of our posting it!

A neighbor just handed me a flier for her family’s lost brown and white terrier mix. if you see or have rescued the pup!

Trixie was last seen today, Friday 1/9, on Dell Ave. near Washington Blvd at about 1:30pm. She’s an 18 pound female white and brown terrier mix (jack russell and something), with black circles around her eyes. Her partner in crime, an 8 year old Boston Terrier, was found around 2pm inside The Pasta Factory.

02-08-18_ 007.jpg