Victory Beer Party for Nick Moffatt November 19th!


Although it is in Santa Monica, we thought we would let you know you can help celebrate Nick Moffatt’s successful walk across the United States with an end of the journey victory beer at the Daily Pint. We assume you have no idea who Nick is, so here is a link to his travel blog which is quite fun to read.

nick walks america


For the past 5 months, Nick Moffatt has been walking across the country to raise money for the American and Royal British Legions. Along the way, he’s been writing an excellent online travel journal, which he updates from the road via cell phone. He started in New York back on June 17th.

There’s only one thing I can think of that would be more fun than reading Nick’s travelogue, and that’s going out next week to throw back a few Victory Beers with the man himself!

Yes, that’s right. Next Wednesday, the 19th, you can join California Beerzine at the Daily Pint in Santa Monica for an evening of victory beers with Nick. Prepare to be enthralled by his stories from the road! To be charmed by his rugged good looks! To be sickened by the grotesque swelling around his ankles!

In honor of Nick’s huge feat, the Daily Pint will be pulling out some very special beers. You can expect all four(!!) beer engines to be running, the Daily Pint will post a list on their website a couple days prior to the event.

And in the spirit of Veteran’s Day, the Daily Pint will be donating a portion of all cask ale sales to the American Legion Legacy Fund, a scholarship fund for children of military personnel killed in active duty.

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