AK – New Grub on Abbot Kinney


AK, the new restaurant named after the street on which it resides, should be officially opening next week. They had a “meet the neighborhood” opening last Sunday for the Street Festival where they served some mini burgers, wine and beer. Family style seating inside and a nice patio with seating by a fireplace outside, there will also be an upstairs to follow. Featuring a full bar and a Scandinavian influenced menu, AK should be a welcome new scene to Abbot Kinney.

Keri scanned the brunch and dinner menus and they are after the jump! (Click on them to make it full sized.)

2008 Abbot Kinney Festival Sunday, Sept. 28

AK Menu brunch

AK Menu dinner




  1. when will there be something less expensive? and how do i know it’s really organic? can they just write “organic” on the menu and automatically add on $10 bucks to each dish? i’ll let you know how mcuh i like it after it officially opens.

  2. Family style? There’s a reason I don’t talk to my family… Maybe we should call this “friend style”.

  3. Bridge Troll, you could call it “people you are about to call a dumbass style” seating … which is always a danger of being sat next to some random dumbasses. I think every time I have been sat at a table next to someone at AXE they have been a dumbass. I don’t go there anymore.

  4. Good to see some Scandinavian food.
    The place must be owned by Swedes, since it looks Scandinavian food primarily Swedish.

  5. jdeville – seriously? Is it creepy to find yourself in a Yo! Venice photo, knowing we were right there and you had no idea? 😉

    You’re the guy with the white hat, right? If so, why haven’t you called me?! I don’t give my number out to just anyone, you know.

  6. ah. just what Venice needs. Another over priced completely sterile environment to eat. A $21 omelet! These people have no shame. What a joke.

  7. I’m hoping those prices include either a small swedish boy to sit by me and brush crumbs from my beard , sing me songs,bring me drinks and kick peoples shins on demand or they are large “family” portions.

    Whats the exact, and still negative, opposite of letting chain stores on a street? If enough of these places keep popping up I am all for a Denny’s being allowed on the street.

  8. I agree that AK has too many expensive fancy restaurants and not enough on the affordable end of the spectrum (especially as it comes to sit down restaurants). I heard a rumor that a diner is going in on Venice around the corner from AK (one that will stay open late for the post-bar crowd). Anyone else hear anything about this?

  9. y’know, it strikes me that AK is becoming exactly what it wants to be, that is, boutique-y and expensive (not necessarily a bad thing if you are a home owner or concerned about rising crime). if what interests you is value, go down to rose, get a table at la fiesta brava, and enjoy the best under $10 mexican you’ve had.
    the vast majority of restaurants never see the five year mark, and many close down after just one. if the owners of AK can make it slinging $21 omelets and $15 apps in these times, i congratulate them, as i enjoy my $4 breakfast burrito.

  10. Leila, I think the diner rumor you are relating has to do with the Sammy’s Camera building. There have been a many interested parties over the past couple years, and as of yet I don’t think anyone has committed to taking the financial and tediously bureaucratic plunge. Before Sammy’s closed Vittorio, owner of the lovely Piccolo at 5 Dudley, invested some time into researching the idea of opening a large ristorante. About a year ago a very thorough investors package was put out to some Venicians from Fred Eric-most likely what the diner rumor derives from. More recently I overheard someone at LADBS plan check trying to get a spa / gym / juice bar approved…