LAPD News Conference on The Otherroom shooting.


Councilman Bill Rosendahl and the LAPD held a press conference today to discuss the murder of 31 year old Adam Pacheco last Sunday outside of TheOtherRoom and another unrelated murder of Braylon Williams September 23rd in the 4800 block of Marionwood Drive in Mar Vista at the Mar Vista Gardens Housing Project.

LAPD press conference

The police would like your help trying to find the suspects. The shooter in TheOtherRoom incident is described as a male hispanic 17-18 years of age that escaped in a white vehicle, possibly a Durango. The shooter walked up to Adam Pacheco and shot him multiple times. The shooter also shot a passing female motorist in the face. The motorist apparently was not a part of anything except being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The attack may be gang related.

Adam Pacheco:
adam pacheco

The shooter in the Braylon Williams murder is described as an 18 to 20 year old Hispanic male with medium height and build. The motive appears to be gang related.

Those behind the podium said that there were erroneous emails and false reporting circulating about the events of Sunday evening. They said that out of 100 or so people that were possible witnesses they were only talking to two of them. If you saw what happened, you should call them up.

All parties were adamant that Sunday nights shooting was unrelated to The Abbot Kinney Festival. Next year they may plan to have the festival shut down at an earlier hour, however.

We will put up video of the entire conference later.

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