Spin on Abbot Kinney – Driving Club


Spin, a newish to Abbot Kinney car rental/ driving club has opened. With membership, you can take any of their fleet of classic vehicles. A Jaguar XJ 120, Porsche Speedster and ’74 El Dorado are among their fleet. Driving clubs like Spin are all the rage these days, coming to us from Europe where they were set up to allow plebeians to over extend themselves and rent “super” luxury cars to impress their dates, friends or business associates. (The owners of the cars also get to write off their car collection “habit” … humm … ) In New York, Gotham Dream Cars is where you go to jump in a Lambo or Ferrari. In LA, we are happy to see the addition of Spin and look forward to seeing what they expand their fleet of rentals with. We may not ever rent from them as our friends have some pretty cool cars we get to ride in, but we will like looking at the cars as they parade around the hood.

Spin • Abbott Kinney Blvd. Venice Beach California

1410 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice CA 90291
(888) 852-7746