Planning for the 4th of July in Venice


Here comes the 4th!
The traditional fireworks extravaganza over the main channel in Marina del Rey will be presented on Wednesday, July 4th, starting promptly at 9pm. This event is sponsored by the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors. The fireworks are choreographed to patriotic music, which will be broadcast in sync with the pyrotechnic display over FM radio KXLU, 88.9 on the dial. The music will be relayed over loud speakers in Chace Park for those watching there. Call 310-305-9545 for more information.4th of July Fireworks in Malibu 2006

The following street closures and restrictions will be in effect in the Marina del Rey area Wednesday, July 4th, due to crowds anticipated to watch the Marina fireworks display:

“Soft closure” at 1 p.m., open to local access only:
southbound Strongs Drive at Washington Boulevard;
southbound Pacific Avenue at Washington Boulevard;
southbound Via Dolce at Washington Boulevard;
westbound Washington Boulevard at Pacific Avenue;
northbound Pacific Avenue at Convoy Street.

Closed at 6 p.m.:
connector from northbound Lincoln Boulevard to Culver Boulevard;
connector from southbound Culver Boulevard to Lincoln Boulevard;
southbound Culver Boulevard at Route 90 (Marina Freeway);
northbound Culver Boulevard at Jefferson Boulevard.

Closed at 7:30 p.m.:
westbound Jefferson Boulevard at Lincoln Boulevard.

Closed when Marina parking lots are filled (at approximately 8:30 p.m.):
southbound Via Marina at Washington Boulevard;
southbound Palawan Way at Washington Boulevard;
westbound Bali Way at Lincoln Boulevard;
westbound Mindanao Way at Lincoln Boulevard;
westbound Fiji Way at Lincoln Boulevard;
southbound Alla Road at Short Avenue, Bonaparte Avenue, Panama Street and Route 90 (Marina Freeway).

Closed at 8:50 p.m.:
southbound Mindanao Way at Glencoe Avenue;
southbound Lincoln Boulevard at Venice Boulevard;
southbound Culver Boulevard at Centinela Avenue;
northbound Lincoln Boulevard at Jefferson Boulevard.

Closed at 9 p.m.:
northbound La Villa Marina at Mindanao Way;
southbound Mindanao Way at Route 90 (Marina Freeway);
southbound Lincoln Boulevard at Route 90;
southbound Lincoln Boulevard at Washington Boulevard;
southbound Culver Boulevard at Route 90;
northbound Vista del Mar at Imperial Highway;
andnorthbound Pershing Drive at Imperial Highway