Stolen bicycle in Venice! 1936 Silverking FloCycle


One of our readers asked if we could try and help find his recently stolen 1936 Silver King FloCycle. (Recent being four months ago.) This Flo Cycle is quite rare, and would be difficult for someone to sell. It was stolen from a garage at 25th and Ocean Front Walk in Venice. It has a Troxle seat with tool kit, is made of duralium, and bicycle permits from 1940 and 1942? on the rear fender and a clipper speedometer. Has anyone seen this bicycle around Venice? Reward! Please contact Yo @ with any info! 1936 Monark Hawthorne silverking flowcycle



  1. that is to bad….i am looking for a flo-cycle but i am happy to have a wingbar here in the netherlands, if you love them you can’t live without them i hope you will find your
    flo-cycle back!