The Venice Beach Art (Graf) walls


Another beautiful day in Venice …Boardwalk, Venice BeachI remember when these used to be tables, before they filled them in with sand to get rid of the “bad element” that would sit around on the tables.Graffiti Wall, Venice BeachThe Graffiti walls have always been a favorite place for me to stop and watch the artists work. These days, it is a barren place. Why, you may ask? The powers that be just made it so that the artists need to get a permit to tag these walls. Progress? Graffiti Wall, Venice BeachI don’t think it helps anyone to get a permit to tag these specific walls. Graf artists don’t really want to show an ID to practice their craft … so where these once beautifully crafted walls were nice to look at, they are now quick tags by guys on the run … like all the other graffiti in the world. Graffiti Wall, Venice BeachIt used to be nice watching the huge murals come and go, constantly painted over within feet of the oceans ebb and flow. Now … not so much … Here is a video I found online about the walls and the new permit process that has seemingly killed the walls off.

– Bret