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How Studying Abroad in Venice Can Boost Your Language Learning Skills

If there is at least one place in the world you will never forget once you visit it, it’s the beautiful Venice. It is portrayed in numerous paintings, poetry, music, and cinematography. Venice is like a safe haven where you can let your mind and soul fully unfold and learn something new or finally find your inner voice. Speaking of studying, many students actually choose to learn abroad by visiting Venice. While it is a great way to boost your language learning skills, it’s also a beautiful journey that you will always remember as you enhance your inner being with the immortal beauty of Venice. 

How Studying Abroad in Venice Can Boost Your Language Learning Skills 

– Study Art Natively. 

While it is only natural to study Arts and History in Venice, it is also a great way to visit museums, various festivals, exhibitions, and street performances. Do not keep yourself locked in the college dorm room but take your time to approach artistic studies in person. Your language learning skills will also improve because studying Arts will help you meet new people and broaden your linguistic knowledge. Even if you plan to study Law or Healthcare, it is impossible to avoid all the beautiful bridges and unique places as you walk through the streets of Venice. 

– Discover Unique Engineering and Architecture. 

Studying in Venice will help you improve your analysis skills as you pay attention to all the engineering solutions that can be seen literally everywhere. It’s sufficient to learn about the history of the channels or discover the artists that created their timeless paintings here. It takes time, so you should avoid procrastination and approach the best coursework writing service as you study things. By talking to an expert, you will instantly have the means to plan your schedule easier and spend more time outside! 

– Best Place for Modern Languages and Linguistics Study. 

You might have already heard about the famous Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. It belongs to the top 50 universities to study ancient languages. Speaking of modern spoken languages, it also belongs to the world’s top 100 places to make your choice. Venice is also one of the best locations to study linguistics and improve your language skills with the help of the best professors. Compared to many institutions all over the world, it is more affordable and comes with amazing boarding options that won’t break the bank! 

Delicious Food! 

While it will not improve your language learning skills immediately, you will definitely enjoy delicious Italian cuisine. In a certain sense, when you learn how to order pasta in Italian or tell various types of lasagna apart by familiar ingredients, you will still learn the basic phrases by pushing yourself to learn. If something in the menu or anywhere else still remains unknown and sounds odd, make sure to consider PickWriters for your translation needs. Venice is a great cultural pot for all possible nations, which is why it’s always good when you know what you eat and drink! 

– The General Friendliness and Unique Learning Atmosphere. 

The best part about studying in Venice and boosting your language learning skills is the friendliness of the locals. There is a special atmosphere that won’t be encountered anywhere else. Even as you travel across Italy, Venice will always remain a special place. The locals will always help you with Italian and will do their best to make use of your English skills. They will be happy to correct your mistakes with due care and praise you for your effort to learn Italian. 

Carpe Diem! 

As you travel the world and study in Venice, capturing every moment of your studies and the fascinating experiences is the most important. Make sure that you go beyond the smartphone and have a separate camera to take pictures. The trick is to seize the day (this is what the Latin phrase means!) and value every minute that you spend in Venice. As another option, you can combine your learning experience and sightseeing by starting a usual or a video blog. This way, you get the best of both worlds and keep the fond memories forever! 


Ruby Butz loves to travel the world and combine academic research and cultural quest. She seeks the most efficient and inspiring solutions for modern learners as an educator, technology, and sociology specialist. Follow Ruby to take your studies to another level and add fun to your life. 

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