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7 Reasons to Move from Venice Beach to Dana Point

When it comes to great places to call home, Venice Beach ranks high on the list. The location, culture, and close proximity to other sought-after parts of Los Angeles make Venice Beach a perennially popular option for those looking to live in the Greater L.A. Area.

With that said, it doesn’t take long to see the downsides. For all its splendor, Venice Beach is crowded, cluttered, and continues to struggle with rising crime rates. It’s no surprise that many residents are choosing to pack up and leave.

While we recommend residents of Venice Beach stick it out rather than exit, we also understand that’s not always an option. Many folks feel compelled to relocate because they seek a more desirable community for raising a family.

If this describes your current situation, we suggest setting your sights on Dana Point, a seaside town in Orange County. It’s not exactly down the street from Venice Beach, but that’s the point of getting out of the city, is it not?

With this in mind, let’s take a look at seven reasons you might consider moving from Venice Beach to Dana Point:

Change of pace

Things move slower in Dana Point compared to Venice Beach. It’s quieter, less chaotic, and generally more peaceful. Compare that to the bustling energy found in Venice Beach and the surrounding area. With this in mind, those in search of a change of pace should consider moving to Dana Point.

Access to nature

Unless you count the ocean, Venice Beach is far from the natural world. While Dana Point isn’t in the middle of nowhere, it’s much closer to nature thanks to easy access to state parks, pristine beaches, and mountainous terrain. What’s more, the lower population density of Dana Point means fewer people getting in the way of those scenic views.

Safer streets

As mentioned earlier, Venice Beach continues to deal with rising crime rates. It’s far from being designated a dangerous place to live, but those growing tired of petty theft and vandalism are thinking long and hard about moving away. Contrast that with the lower crime of Dana Point. The city boasts a proactive approach to public safety, with a well-funded police department determined to keep the street safe and secure for residents and visitors alike.

Greater affordability

When it comes to affordably priced housing in Southern California, the word “affordable” is relative. Though still considered pricy by national standards, homes for sale in Dana Point are generally less expensive than comparable properties for sale in Venice Beach. In December 2022, the median sale price for homes in Dana Point was $1,600,000. Meanwhile, it was $2,090,000 for homes in Venice Beach. That’s a difference of almost half-a-million dollars.

Family-friendly environment

The counterculture vibe of Venice Beach acts as a magnet for free spirits, vagabonds, and mildly eccentric misfits. It’s a wonderful environment for artists and adventurers,  but less ideal for those raising a family. Meanwhile, Dana Point is exceptionally family-friendly, with no shortage of recreational activities for kids to enjoy.

Employment opportunities

The economy of Orange County is in the middle of a resurgent boom. That means more job opportunities available to residents. The economy of Venice Beach, on the other hand, continues to experience a steady decline in the years after COVID-19 led to massive closures and shutdowns. As a result, Dana Point is a superior place to live when it comes to having greater employment opportunities.

Still close to the action

Dana Point is roughly halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. That means residents live about an hour away from either city. It’s far enough away to count as the suburbs but still close enough to be within driving distance of all the fun and excitement of the big city. Those who want to get away without missing out on the action will find Dana Point to be the ideal compromise.

These are just a few of the reasons why someone might consider moving from Venice Beach to Dana Point. Ultimately, the decision will depend on your personal preferences and needs. It’s important to carefully weigh the pros and cons of both locations before making a final decision.

Sean Dalton is a freelance writer from California. He enjoys writing about law, real estate, and technology.

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