Light Up the Night

Mitchell Isai twirls an LED lighted staff during GLOW FLOW. Photo: Morgan Genser.

By Sam Catanzaro

On Wednesday nights, local artists and creatives come together for GLOW FLOW, the all-night event where all things glow take center stage.

Morgan Jenkins from Hooptown Hotties spins led lit hula hoops. Photo: Morgan Genser.

“GLOW FLOW is an all-night event that re-imagines Santa Monica Beach as a playground for thoughtful and participatory, temporary art,” the event organizers wrote their event page.

Organizer of GLOW FLOW Bianca Ernano spins a some of hula hoops. Photo: Morgan Genser.

At GLOW FLOW, local artists spin and twirl an assortment of lighted objects and props to create one of a kind moments of kinetic art.

GLOW FLOW takes places every Wednesday night at South Beach Park in Santa Monica at 3400 Barnard Way. On the border of Venice Beach and Santa Monica.

GLOW FLOWers group spin LED-hula hoops and juggle LED-pins in the dark at South Beach Park. Photo: Morgan Genser.