Party With a Purpose

The Astronots rock out for animals. Photos: Michael Ray.

By Michael Ray

Neighbors of Venice gathered at Wolf at the Door on Lincoln Boulevard, for live music, cold drinks, raffles and a furry cause. Allin hosted their second annual “Beach Bash Benefit” in Wolf at the Door’s parking lot to raise funds for the Animal Wellness Foundation. The party-with-a-purpose was part of a series of events that Allin has produced that support a variety of social and humane causes.

Co-founders Carly Barnette and Mylesha Morgan Ramey welcomed attendees with open arms and warm smiles. “We artistically curate events for community outreach,” said Morgan. The duo has curated events for causes addressing homelessness as well as animal care. The second annual “Beach Bash Benefit” was their fourth event, with a fifth scheduled for August in Koreatown. “What we’re doing is activating our community, which I think is really important… it’s all local; local artists; local artisans; it’s just us,” she concluded.

The Sycons use solar power for their live DJ sets locally and across the Westside.

Starting off the afternoon were The Sycons. The duo is a familiar sight around the Westside, having performed at events such as Ciclavia; the City of Santa Monica’s Open Street event, COAST; the fifth annual Otis Kite Festival; the Green Festival Expo and more. The Sycons’ duo, represented by MX and CD, use solar power for their live deejaying. “We generally do, like outside in the desert or on the beach, or like Hollywood pool parties, but we’re doing this show because we love these bands,” stated CD. Their equipment, including laptops, speakers and mixer are powered by solar electricity.

In addition to The Sycons’ solar powered set, the “Beach Bash Benefit” welcomed the Astronots, KiSMiT, and ESX for live musical performances that were held throughout the evening. Backup vocalist of the band ESK stated, “if Tank Girl made a band, this would be it.” Her own musical influences include Gwen Stefani, (formerly of No Doubt) as well as Broady Dalle of The Distillers. Her involvement with the benefit was due in part to her love of animals. “Animals are my everything, they’re the greatest, I feel like I would give them all my money… I have two dogs right now, but when I was living in Hawaii I had a pig, three geese, bunnies. I Love animals.”

Allin curates artistic community-focused events for a variety of humane causes.

Attendees Sam Kat, Ben P., and Jordan Wallis, were lounging together on chairs set up by the organizers. “We were in the neighborhood; it was easy to walk out,” said Jordan Wallis, a Venice resident. The trio sipped beverages together as the sun set and had entered the raffle that was being hosted by Allin.

“We like to bring people together to listen to good tunes, celebrate art and then also give back to the community” stated Carly Barnette. According to Barnette last year’s event brought together over 100 people. This year, the organizers had support from multiple sources, from alcohol, to music, to sunscreen. Allin cited that raffle prizes included items from Live Nation, Guild Guitars, Bear Republic Sunscreen and more.

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Proceeds from the benefit were donated to the Animal Wellness Foundation.