Spring Into Summer With Your Creativity

motivation or hope concept, follow your dream and inspiration, girl with balloons at sunset

By Guy Camilleri

 What a time to be in the arts! With technology in the palm of our hands, a limitless imagination, and a radical and vibrant Venice community in a state of flux, there is a treasure trove of stories to be told. If you are an actor, writer, or director, and aren’t creating something, anything, what are you waiting for to get started?

What an opportunity to explore the shifting of old paradigms, belief systems, individuals and groups clinging on to dear life as the ground is crumbling beneath them. What a time to be part of some mind-blowing creativity, to connect with friends, kick start a passion project, or solve a global-sized problem using technology, while discovering it may be the very thing you love doing.

  1. What have you done for your art lately? There is an abundance of art, film, music, poetry, insane sunsets, and a vibrant community in Venice to keep you awake.
  2. As an actor, writer, or director, how does living in Venice inform you? Find out.
  3. Follow what informs you, allow yourself to be led by it, and see how long you can revel in it before it becomes too intimate for you. Then, hang in there a bit longer!
  4. Go old school and start journalizing your thoughts and ideas. The object is to get it out of your head and onto paper. If you don’t dig that, use a canvas, textiles, the soil beneath us, the ocean, mountains, or even the sky to tell your story.
  5. Start eating farm-to-table. Use fresh foods to energize, fortify, and stimulate the body and mind, and benefit from the healing properties within.
  6. Exercise daily. I imagine you know what form exercise feels good and is also good for you. So get on it.
  7. Strike up a conversation with someone. Introduce yourself, listen to that person, notice what that person is saying, and how they view the world. You never know what or who may stimulate your next great idea, right here in Venice!

GuyGuy Camilleri is a Venice-based actor, acting coach, and poet. He teaches regular classes on Wednesday nights and Monday mornings (starting June 5), at the Electric Lodge,1416 Electric Ave.,Venice. For details email [email protected] Follow Guy on Instagram @guycamilleri and on Facebook.