Nude Protester in Venice Beach


Last year PETA encouraged people to opt for a Vegan Thanksgiving


A nude protester will lay on a giant cutting board tomorrow on the Venice Boardwalk to encourage feasters to go Turkey-Free this Thanksgiving.

The provocative, pro-Vegan, holiday demonstration is a move by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The organization asks Venice neighbors to put themselves in a turkey’s place and consider how it would feel to be stuffed, roasted and served for Thanksgiving dinner

“All animals have flesh, organs, and feelings and don’t want to die violently for someone else’s meal,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “PETA is calling on caring people to give turkeys a break this Thanksgiving and make their holiday table a place of compassion for all beings.”

Promoting vegan Thanksgiving the naked PETA volunteer will lay “trussed-up”  beside two giant “turkey carcasses” on top of a human-sized cutting board. The scene will include a banner that reads, “We are all the same.”

PETA says, every year, the bodies of billions of animals are chopped up, labeled, and wrapped in cellophane for the supermarket meat case. The organization, whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat,” notes that turkeys are sensitive, smart animals who can feel pain and who form families and friendships when given the chance.

The protest will take place on the Venice Boardwalk, near the corner of Windward Ave and Ocean Front Walk, tomorrow, Thursday, November 10 at 12:00 p.m.