El Niño Week


No one can say for sure, but early indications are that a major set of storms could soon be hitting greater Los Angeles this fall and winter. That likely means lots of rain, which is great for augmenting severely depleted local water supplies. But the expected deluge also poses a lot of challenges – for local beaches (pollution), municipalities (stormwater control), and residences (flooding and erosion).

So to help Southern California get ready, Heal the Bay has assembled seven days of special programming from Oct. 11-17.

Here’s a calendar of offerings:

• “Whiplash: From Super Drought to El Niño,” a public lecture by leading JPL climatologist Bill Patzert. Tuesday, Oct. 13, 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm at Santa Monica Pier Aquarium.

• “Nothing But Sand” beach cleanup at Venice Beach on Saturday, Oct. 17, 10 am to noon. More than 500 volunteers expected at cleanup, which will provide information on El Niño readiness. Heal The Bay will also be recruiting members for its elite Storm Response Team, which is mobilized through social media to respond quickly to heavily trash-impacted beaches following major rains.

• The El Niño Cocktail program. Heavy rains are serious stuff, but Heal the Bay is working with boutique Santa Monica restaurants to promote awareness in a light way. Cassia, Hotel Casa Del Mar, The Lobster, and Locanda del Lago are among the establishments that will be concocting special ocean-and-El Niño-themed cocktails throughout the week. Rusty’s Surf Ranch, a longtime neighbor and supporter of Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, will also be offering promotions. A portion of sales will be donated to support the protection of local beaches and watersheds this winter.

• Tips, quizzes, contests, and giveaways on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles.

El Niño Week promises to have more bite than Shark Week. So sign up now for events and make sure you check Heal The Bay’s website and social media channels for regular updates throughout the week. It all starts this Sunday!

For more information, visit www.healthebay.org.