Goodbye La Fiesta Brava?



A zoning hearing is underway at the West Los Angeles Municipal Building regarding the La Fiesta Brava location at 423 Rose Ave., Venice.

The 20 year old family owned business is facing the end of an era.

Applicant Bruce Horwitz is requesting  change of use from the existing market and deli to a restaurant with a covered patio and outdoor dining which would serve a full line of alcoholic beverages within the 8:00am to midnight hours of operation.

A purpose of today’s hearing will be to gauge public opinion towards the project.

A big issue for locals in the area being parking, and alongside the re-zoning consideration the hearing will look at proposed parking options. If it where to be approved the new restaurant would be required to provide a total of 18 parking spaces on the site.  At today’s hearing those speaking in support of the project will present an alternate parking layout of 11 spaces, another 4 spaces credited as non-conforming and to make up the final 4 required spaces an alternative of 16 bicycle stalls will be considered instead.

There is a petition inside La Fiesta Brava for locals who are interested in preserving this piece of Venice history.