Are you prepared?



Last night things got shaky and the temblors are a timely reminder to consider your disaster preparedness plan.

The first earthquake a magnitude 2.5 reported yesterday at 4:35pm was a foreshock to a larger magnitude 3.5 earthquake that followed at 9:17pm. The epicenter near Baldwin Hills along the Newport-Inglewood fault.

On twitter LA QuakeBot reported a smaller magnitude 1.5 at 10:37pm in the same area.

The LA County PrepareAthon is part of a national campaign, America’s PrepareAthon. In partnership with the LA County Office of Emergency Management and the Federal Emergency Management Agency the campaign encourages community groups to sign up online and take active steps to prepare for for disasters.

The campaign aims  to increase community preparedness and resilience.

In Venice important action plans to develop, if you haven’t already, are a Tsunami Evacuation Plan and making sure your Earthquake Pack is up to date.

Register online and join America’s PrepareAthon here.

Join the forum discussion here.