Breaking News: Hit and Run on Speedway


Police have now taken into custody the man wanted in connection to 3 incidences of hit and run that happened this morning at around 10:30am on Speedway in Venice.

The first victim, Eddie Fragoso, 24, was riding to the beach with friends, he was crossing the intersection at Speedway and Washington when the Honda clipped the back tire of his bike.

Witnesses dining at Mercedes on Washington said the driver of  a red Honda CR-V “did not even hit the breaks he just sped on off up Speedway.”

When Fragoso and his friends realized the driver was not stopping they gave chase.

“We saw him driving towards another bike rider and we called for the rider to look out, he pulled to the side of Speedway and the car veered towards him. It looked like the driver meant to hit the guy” Fragoso said.

The second victim a man in his 20s was knocked to the ground at Speedway and 27th, his side cut open and bike left mangled on the road.

Hit and Run on Speedway 2 Hit and Run on Speedway 4

The driver of the Honda continued on up Speedway hitting and running over third victim around 25th.

Both the second and third victims have both been taken to Emergency.

Fragoso escaped with a few scratches.

Hit and Run on Speedway 3



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