Viral Venice Videos contest now open

Viral Venice Videos

A contest is now open to students of all ages, anywhere in the world, to create 30-second videos based on works in the exhibition currently on display in Venice.

The contest is thanks to a partnership between Hal’s Bar & Grill, V-SCAPE, and

The inaugural show, hanging in the newly opened Upstairs Gallery at Hal’s Bar & Grill at 1349 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, is available for viewing online at

A “Taste for Art” is a humorous yet serious show whose theme is food and drink in art and film.

It draws entirely from works loaned by leading Southern California artists and collectors.

From Andy Warhol’s iconic Campbell soup cans, to Rob Reiner’s classic deli scene in When Harry Met Sally, to some of today’s cutting-edge artists, the exhibition explores a universal theme in painting, printmaking, sculpture, multiples and film.

The 25 pieces in a “Taste for Art” are the inspiration and springboard for our Viral Venice Videos contest. This is about creativity, having fun, and life imitating art. We invite students everywhere to riff on the art and tell their story in 30 seconds.

From its opening in 1987, Hal Frederick’s dedication to art and music established Hal’s Bar & Grill as a Venice community fine arts landmark. This exhibition is sponsored by and curated by, which has been organizing and curating exhibitions in the Venice – Santa Monica area since 2004.

Primarily for glory, winners will receive the following prizes:

·  Food: Dinner at Hal’s for 4 ($150 gift certificate)

· Bragging rights: “” which will be redirected to open the winner’s website or social media page, exclusively, for the next five years

· Collectibles: Set of four Andy Warhol (Marilyn) dessert plates

· Thought: Vintage Compact Oxford English Dictionary

· Swag: The “Official Google LA t-shirt” (not available in the Google store) for each finalist.

For official rules and more information, visit

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BGCV’s focus is ensuring that members graduate from high school, live a healthy lifestyle, and build a life of community engagement.

Closing date for submissions is Monday, Sept. 15. The five finalists’ videos will be posted for online.