Hotel Erwin hosts The Teen Project 4-27-2014


pulled from the forum, via Heidi:

Free on Sunday morning? Come to “High” on the rooftop of the Hotel Erwin on Sunday morning from 10 to 1 to learn more about The Teen Project and the Venice PAD.

No doubt you’ve seen homeless kids hanging out on OFW, begging for money and sleeping in alleys. Many of those kids are former foster kids who were booted out of the system when they turned 18. With no real family or social structure to fall back on, as many as 60% of former foster kids end up living on the streets within a month or two of their birthdays. Others who crash and burn in Venice are runaways who have fled situations even worse than street life.

The Teen Project is a privately funded organization dedicated to helping those kids change their course and get on a path to start rebuilding their lives, rather than ending up on the streets for life. The Teen Project opened the Venice PAD a couple of years ago – a center on Market Street that reaches out to these kids and helps them change the course of their lives for better and for good. Since they’ve been in Venice, The Teen Project has helped hundreds of kids get off the streets, off drugs, out of trouble and into permanent homes.

Please stop by The Erwin on Sunday morning to learn more about The Teen Project, meet founder Lauri Burns, and chat with some of the kids who have moved off OFW and are now rebuilding their lives thanks to the support of The Teen Project and the Venice PAD. The Teen Project proves that homelessness in Venice doesn’t have to be a permanent condition. It’s a Social Solution that actually works!

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