Police Need Your Help Find Guillermo Carmona-Perez’s Killer(s)


Reposting, as the LAPD has still not found Guillermo’s killer(s).

The LA City Council and the LAPD have put up a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or people responsible for the murder of Guillermo “Memo” Carmona-Perez.

Unfortunately, the LAPD does not have many leads at this point.

Guillermo "Memo" Carmona-Perez

If you or a friend were in the vicinity of Washington and Pacific on Sunday evening (November 18th), you may have actually seen something that is a clue and not yet realize it.

Did you notice someone that looked out of place? Did you notice someone being aggressive earlier in the evening? Were you confronted by any stranger(s)? Even an hour or two earlier?

Something that may seem somewhat commonplace and everyday in Venice (an aggressive panhandler for example) may not be ordinary at all – and if multiple people had the same experience with an individual, it may be a clue the LAPD needs.

The killer had to go someplace after the crime: did you see someone acting bizarre even a mile or two away from the crime scene later that night? Were there items of clothing dumped in your trash can that were not yours?

Think it over, you may be holding a clue that the LAPD needs to catch the killer(s).

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