Running of the Bulls in Venice Beach?


Happen upon some 7ft tall inflatable bull costumes chasing people down the Venice Boardwalk recently? That was New York City-based “prank collective” Improve Everywhere having some fun with a skit for their website!

Improve Everywhere Director Charlie Todd says:

“I’ve had this idea for over a year, and it was exciting to finally pull it off. Improv Everywhere traveled to the Roskilde Festival in Denmark last summer and they had asked me to come up with an funny mission we could do at the opening of the festival when participants run in to secure their spot. I searched online for bull costumes and came across these ridiculous inflatable ones. I bought seven for the festival, but they ended up deciding not to do the idea. So the costumes sat in my apartment for over a year, just waiting to be used. When this opportunity came up to collaborate with Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel and a pack of awesome YouTubers, I knew it was time to bring out the bulls.”


Thanks to Tyler G. for the heads up!