Santa Monica Airport Bike Ride on September 15th!


On Sunday, September 15th, there will be a “short 4.5 mile ride around the perimeter of Santa Monica Airport (SMO) in order to see and learn about current issues relating to this facility and hear about potential creative new uses for this property”.

Santa Monica Airport Bicycle Ride

The ride, sponsored by Santa Monica Spoke, will include Loyola Marymount University Professor Michael Brodsky and Attorney / Santa Monica blogger Frank C. Gruber. It will be family friendly ride that is free and open to the public

From the organizers:

Santa Monica Airport is a part of the city of Santa Monica that many residents rarely see and use – and even fewer see it by bike – and fewer yet, understand potential cycling connectivity relating to this space and even its potential for future non-aviation use, such as a park.

This ride around Santa Monica Airport is taking place because of growing interest by area residents who wish to be more informed about Santa Monica Airport issues regarding Land Use, Air Pollution, Noise, Safety, Sustainability, Transportation and the Quality of Life.

For many people adjacent to the Santa Monica Airport, who are severely impacted by the airport facility, there is significant concern about air pollution, lead pollution, constant noise and regular plane crashes.

Santa Monica residents who do not live near the airport also question the 1-2 million dollar yearly cost of subsidizing the airport, as well as the heavy environmental costs and lack of sustainability, that private jet travel represents.

These concerns are even more relevant as the City of Santa Monica’s contract with the Federal Aviation Administration expires in 2015.

What should the future land use of the 227 acres of that currently make up the Santa Monica Airport?

Many feel that this land might better put to better and more healthy use – such as a public park – opened for all, instead of a property restricted to just the current aviation use.

What if Clover Park was expanded to be a great civic park? This could be a jewel that everyone could enjoy! A park like this with gardens, sports, walking and biking facilities, could be a huge benefit to create a more livable, healthier and vibrant community.

Come on this bike ride to see, hear and envision some of the possibilities for this important part of the city.

Clover Park 10am.
2600 Ocean Park Blvd
Santa Monica 90405

(Meet at the southwest corner of the park, next to the Santa Monica Airport fence.)

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