Fire and Hanging: ‘Westside’ Pilot Wraps in Venice


The TV Pilot for “Westside” (previously titled “Venice”), a proposed ABC soap “about the haves and the have-not’s of California’s most seductive city, Venice” wrapped production last week after staging a hanging and bonfire at the Venice sign on Windward Thursday evening.

Westside films in Venice Beach

The evening was festive, as The Ave and Sid Wilson’s Moonbase Studio hosted a BBQ looking out over Windward during the shoot. Thanks to Nick, Sid and Amy for the party!

Video by Tony Vera of the fire and “dummy” hanging above it

Westside films in Venice Beach

The Romeo and Juliet-ish pilot stars Odette Annable as Sophie Nance, the “owner of the hippest boutique in Venice”, who “falls in love with the offspring of her family’s archenemies”, Chris Carver. Carver, played by Luke Bracey, has just gotten out of prison after a 6 year stint for dealing marijuana.

Westside films in Venice Beach
Director McG informs the actors what their “motorvation” is.

Bruce Greenwood plays relator Gordy Nance, the girl’s father, and Jennifer Beals plays Lisa Carver, the guy’s mother. The bad guys drive a candy apple green 64 Impala SS with gold Daytons.

Hopefully the pilot ends up on YouTube one day!