Shuttered: ‘Szechuan Restaurant’


From Mike O’B:

The Chinese restaurant “Szechuan” at 2905 Washington Blvd. closed last night after 31 years in business. The owner decided to retire. This was one of the last “old school” Chinese restaurants in the area and shocked customers were gathered around the owner in the foyer protesting when I dropped by about 7:00 last evening. “NOW where am I going to eat???” one of them asked plaintively.

Szechuan Restaurant Washington

This was apparently a “stealth” closing, but as word spread, the place filled up. Since apparently some of the staff had been let go early, the remaining staff was stretched to the limit. Nevertheless I ordered a bunch of takeout to stretch the supply. If anyone knows where the chef is going, I’d love to know …

(Editor note: The 5,209 sq ft space is currently available for lease. Asking is $14,260 a month.)

Szechuan Restaurant
2905 Washington Boulevard
Marina del Rey, 90292



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