LAPD Accused of Punching Handcuffed Venice Teen in Face


Update (9am): Weekley has been released from jail.

Ronald Weekley, a nineteen year old college student at Xavier College, was skateboarding yesterday when an altercation occurred between him and LAPD Pacific Division officers. The LAPD told KTLA this evening that Weekley is still in police custody (arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest), that Chief Charlie Beck will review the video of the incident and will investigate the use of force against Weekly, and that none of the officers involved in the incident have been placed on leave.

Witness Alexis Parker started recording the event on her cel phone after the police took Weekley down.(Update from Alexis Parker: “I wasn’t the one who recorded it. And I got reports on what happened from people there. I was publicizing. I was at the scene but it was after the beating took place.”)

You can see Weekley apparently get punched in the face by an officer at about :20 seconds into this video.

From Alexis Parker:

(Weekley) was skateboarding and saw some gangbangers on the side of the street that he was on so he went on the other side so he wouldnt be caught up in all of it and he saw the cops and but he was walking up to his house and he heard them yelling but he didn’t want to turn around because he thought they were yelling at the Gangbangers and he didn’t want to turn around and be identified as a witness in case something went down so he ignored them thinking they weren’t talking to him and all of a sudden they pulled him from behind and tried to put cuffs on him and he was shocked so he was trying to wiggle his way out of it but they thought he was trying to resist arrest so they threw him on the ground and started beating him up. But he’s saved and a Christian so lift him up in prayer for me please!

– He has a broken chin bone and a broken nose and a concussion. They have him in custody for “resisting arrest” but he didn’t
– Man it was mad crazy. They just pulled him from the back and started beating him up.



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