TechZulu: Tech Crawl Venice Beach on August 30th


TechZulu will host a “Tech Crawl” in Venice Beach on August 30th from 6-11pm, touring various tech businesses in “Silicon Beach”. Tickets are $5 if ordered within the next 24 hours and $15 the day of. Volunteers get to crawl for free.

TechZulu: Tech Crawl Venice Beach

The Tech Crawl is like a bar crawl, but with startup/Accelerator/Incubator offices instead of bars. Each venue will host a group of developers, designers, entrepreneurs and other startups in their office for 45 minutes or so, then the group moves on to the next stop.

So far, included stops include Amplify, Mogreet , 2 Billion Monkeys , JibJab , Lettuce / stacksocial and Laffster / F3. If you have a startup office in the area and want to be added to the tour, Email [email protected] with subject line “Tech Crawl Host”.