Alert to Save Public Access: Historic Venice Post Office


From The Venice Stakeholders Association and Jim Smith:

Alert to Save Public Access to the Venice Main Post Office’s Foyer and Historic Mural

Venice Post Office

Due to the uninformed intervention of the City’s Office of Historic Resources, the Venice community is facing the prospect of being unable to view the oldest and best known mural in Venice, Edward Biberman’s “The Story of Venice,” in the Post Office lobby. This mural has been a part of the lives of generations of Venetians, dating back to 1941.

The City is apparently willing to sign on to the USPS’ historic covenant without any access provision what-so-ever. This means that Mr. Joel Silver, or a future owner of the building, could bar access on a whim.

However, in last year’s “Final Decision” on the fate of the Venice Post Office, USPS Vice President David Williams said the following:

“The Postal Service will initiate the Section 106 consultation process when it develops plans for the reuse or disposal of the property, and the City of Venice will be a consulting party. The Postal Service will include measures to ensure the mural will remain available for public viewing in any plan for reuse or disposal of the Post Office property.”

Now the City is willing to sign away this right to access. Please send an email to the following officials to delay this agreement until access for the public is included.

Councilman Bill Rosendahl [email protected]
Mayor’s Representative for West Los Angeles [email protected]
Office of Historic Resources, City of Los Angeles [email protected]
Joel Silver c/o [email protected]

Thanks in advance,
Mark Ryavec, Venice Stakeholders Association

(My thanks to Jim Smith for drafting this note.)