“Death Warrant” Stabber Targets Homeless in Santa Monica


Update: The LATimes piece placed two of the three stabbings in Santa Monica, but only one was. Police arrested Courtney Anthony Robinson on Friday in Hollywood.

From the LA Times:

Los Angeles and Santa Monica police are investigating at least three stabbings of homeless people as they slept and where typed and signed “death warrants” were left at the scene, according to several law enforcement sources.

Courtney Anthony Robinson

LAPD are looking for Courtney Anthony Robinson, pictured above.

The victims, two men and a woman in their 50s, survived the attacks.

The first incident was reported July 4 when a 56-year-old homeless man was found bleeding with a large “hunting-type” knife protruding from his back near the intersection of 3rd and Main streets in Santa Monica, according to the sources. The man crawled 100 yards looking for help while the weapon was lodged between his shoulder blades.

Police said a “death warrant” had been typed and signed by the attacker and left behind, but did not elaborate on the exact contents of the note.

On Tuesday, another homeless man was stabbed in a similar manner as he slept on a Santa Monica bus bench near the Third Street Promenade. Santa Monica police Sgt. Richard Lewis confirmed that a similar note was found by detectives but did not give details.
On Thursday, a 54-year-old homeless woman was stabbed in the back as she slept near the intersection of La Brea and De Longpre avenues, blocks away from Hollywood High School. Police recovered a black kitchen knife and another “warrant,” also signed by the suspect.

Authorities said they are looking for a suspect in the case, a man they identified as David Ben Keyes, who has been missing for weeks from the Santa Barbara area.

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