Venice Resident “Mad as Hell” at Venice Neighborhood Council


From Sandra B. via email:

Last night the Venice neighborhood council voted against enforcement of city ordinances which ban occupying or blocking public property. This morning like every morning in Venice I came across a person occupying and blocking city property.


Washington and Speedway

Is a neighborhood council that votes against enforcement of existing laws breaking the law themselves? Is it possible to sue the council for negligence on behalf of our children and our community? By voting against law enforcement has the council not officially supported behavior like seen in this picture?

I do not hate the homeless but enough is enough.

Linda Lucks and the social service mafia at the Venice neighborhood council officially declared war against the housed families of Venice last night. To officially vote that our children should be subjected to daily run-ins like I was today with this naked woman is a disgrace to what a neighborhood council should stand for. Shame on all of them.

I am mad as hell and am not going to take this anymore.

– Sandra B