Vote for Barbara and Venice Gets an Electric Trolley Car!


OK, pretty much everyone at this point has been spammed to heck by a national bank’s social network promotion which is giving away $250k to 12 individual businesses in the country.

Venetian Barbara Lonsdale needs 80 votes tonight to be in the running for the money. If she wins the prize, she will use it to buy an electric trolley car and give historical tours of our town (you may have already have taken one of her tours already!).

Be a pal and help her out by clicking here (link deleted, she got her votes!). Click on the “Login and Support” box on bottom right and then type “AllTourNative” in the blank box on bottom left and search and vote. Only takes a second. There are some other Venice businesses listed on the site, hook them up with a click while you are at it!

If you are one of the people that vote for her, Barb will give you and a guest a free monthly bus tour!

If you are an investor type that is interested in helping Barbara as a business partner to help make her trolley car dreams come true, give her a call!