Dating in MDR: “Miss Advised”


At 10 pm this evening, Bravo TV will debut “Miss Advised“, a reality show that follows three single women “hunting” for a mate. One of the featured women is Julia Allison, who lives in Marina Del Rey (it is technically part of Venice Beach) and has a 73 point checklist of traits she wants in a man.

Miss Advised

As Allison is internet famous in New York City, when she moved to MDR a Yo! reader emailed to let me know. A few “tweets” I saw said she liked the Fruit Gallery, the Brig and riding her bike on the bike path with her dog, so the reality show may have some footage shot around Venice (not sure, I haven’t really checked on the tweets since December).

Anyway, peep Bravo to check the show and to see what a transplant with a 73 point checklist for dating that lives on the Venice peninsula is up to. Looks like her “fan club” (they aren’t really fans) over at “Reblogging Donk” is pretty excited about the show’s premiere.