Suspect Arrested in Oscar “ChoirBoy” Duncan Murder


It has been confirmed by the LAPD that a suspect has been taken into custody for the June 4th murder of Oscar “ChoirBoy” Duncan. The alleged shooter was taken into custody on Saturday at 3:20 pm in the 8800 block of Cadillac Ave in Los Angeles. The arrest was made without incident, the suspect is presently behind bars.

Oscar “ChoirBoy” Duncan

A $50,000 reward had been offered for information leading to the arrest of the killer.

An official news announcement by the LAPD is expected later today or tomorrow, more details when they are released.

Update: The LA Times ran an article 30 minutes ago adding that an additional suspect was under arrest.

Update 2: Simone Wilson of The LA Weekly has named the suspects in custody as Kevin Dwayne Green and Hopeton Bereford Parsley.

Update 3: The LA Weekly is reporting that words are being exchanged between the Shoreline Crips and the Playboy Gangster Crips (PGC) on the website. Dialogue involves the Oscar Duncan shooting and a poster threatening that “YALL JUST LOST A HOMIE ON 6TH AVE…..NEXT IS 7TH AVE…KEEP RUNNIN YO MOUTH……WHATS UP DOC!!!”

Update 4: The LAPD has released a statement.



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