New Parking Sensors Being Placed in Venice


New hockey puck sized devices are being placed in Venice today as part of Streetline Networks smart phone application Parker. With them, users are able to find vacant parking spots and also “feed” their parking meters. The company originally placed test sensors in town in August of 2011.

Parking in Venice Beach

(Update below) When asked if the devices could be used to “zero out” any remaining minutes on a meter when a car is moved like the new meters in Santa Monica, one of the workers placing the car sensors said “yep”.

Parking in Venice Beach

Update from Shannon at Streetline’s PR company:

The meters in Santa Monica are actually provided by a different vendor; Streetline’s sensors are not used to zero out the meters, but instead are used to provide data to the Parker app to simply help motorists find parking. One can also pay for parking at meters that are enabled to accept mobile payments through the Streetline app. Streetline’s technology does not, however, zero out meters.