Automated Parking to be Installed in Venice?


Councilman Rosendahl will be presenting the following to the City Council Transportation Committee on Wednesday, May 23rd:

Electric Parking


The lack of parking in and around Abbot Kinney Boulevard has led to increased frustration and tension within the business and residential community. In response to this urgent need for additional parking, the City will soon begin construction on four city-owned parcels between Venice Boulevard and Santa Clara Avenue on Electric Avenue.

The addition of these new spaces will increase the local parking supply, however, more parking is still needed in the area. One option is to explore the feasibility of constructing an automated robotic parking structure on one of the Electric Avenue parking lots. Such a structure could provide environmentally-friendly technology and triple the available parking without expanding the amount of land needed.

Automated parking is an advanced form of robotic vehicle storage that allows drivers to independently store and retrieve their vehicles in compact spaces. In the case of the Electric Avenue lots, the dimensions precluded the construction of a parking structure, however, automated parking structures may be a viable alternative.

I THEREFORE MOVE that the Council instruct the Department of Transportation, with the assistance of the Department of City Planning, the Department of Building and Safety, the Los Angeles Fire Department, and any other appropriate City agency, to prepare and release a Request for Proposals (RFP) to provide an automated parking system at the new City-owned parking lots on Electric Avenue, and any other appropriate City parking lot in CD 11, that could provide this new technology through a revenue-sharing arrangement with the City.

I FURTHER MOVE that the RFP include the following elements in an ahtomated parking system: the use of solar panels, art elements; bicycle facilities; compliance with ADA requirements; long- and short-term parking options; and complete enclosure ofthe structure to minimize noise.