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Proposed Venice Beach Zip-line Details

The proposed “Venice Zip-line” will be discussed tomorrow by the Venice Neighborhood Council “Visitor Impact Committee” starting at 9:30am at Danny’s Deli at 23 Windward. Click here to download zip-line company Green Heart’s proposal. Green Heart is hopeful to be up and “zipping” by July 1st. They hope to have a “yes” or “no” from Councilman Rosendahl by June 1st and Rosendahl has already said he likes the idea of the project

Proposed Venice Beach ZiplineClick on photo to enlarge

As proposed:

The Zipline will run 750 feet along the eastern edge of Windward plaza, on the west of Ocean Front Walk

The launch tower will be 16 feet wide and 50 feet high, with the takeoff platform 44 feet above the ground. It will be placed on the northern edge of Windward plaza across the boardwalk from Sidewalk Café.

The landing tower will be 16 feet wide and 24 feet tall. It will be placed on the southern edge of Windward plaza at 17th Avenue, just before the basketball courts

The final placement of towers and zipline will be determined by parks and rec to avoid conflicts with other event scheduled in the park during the summer.

Proposed Venice Beach Zipline

There will be 2-4 actual Zip Lines depending on spacing.

The actual ride will last less than a minute

The proposed hours of operation are 11:00AM until it gets dark – It is important for the project organizers to be able to offer rides at sundown

Rides will cost a base rate of $20 per person. The VNC suggested discounts for locals and families, which organizers said would be possible Ian Green said that they were considering discounts to those who use public transportation and was open to discounts for riders who use their bikes to get to the attraction.

The idea of a bike valet or extra bike parking was discussed and organizers were very receptive

Ticket sales are point-of-purchase on site only, no advance ticket sales. Riders are given a bracelet with which include their designated ride times. The VNC is told this system will prevent lines

There will be a Zip Line staff of 20 people, with 12 people working at one time

There will be security and security lighting at night, but neither the tower or Zipline will be lighted except for special performances.

The VNC suggests 2 full-time security guards, one for each tower

There will be no music involved except when there will be special live performances

There will be several planned live performances throughout the 3 month period – Everything will have to comply with current sound ordinances

Project will not interfere with other events and people in the Windward Plaza vicinity

The project must follow the current sign ordinances and thus there will be no advertisements

Project organizers want to use local artists to design the bases of the launch and landing towers and are open to working with the VNC Art’s Committee

Organizers agree that art aspect needs to be better conceptualized with specific details propose


This project does not need to be approved by the City Council – it would be permitted as a “Temporary Event”

The Zipline would be removed three months after the permit started. If the ride is successful and the community is satisfied with the project after the pilot period is over, Parks and Rec would have to work with GreenHeart to complete an EIR, get city council approval, and be issued a Coastal Zone permit
from the CCC to install the Zipline on a long term basis.


The Venice Beach Zipline would be a 3-month pilot program billed as a special event similar to past summer’s Ninja Warrior event (

The intent of the Zipline as per Kevin Regan and Ian Green, is not just to make money but rather is focused on “providing a breathtaking experience,” a non-passive activity for residents of Venice and visitors that fits well with the spirit of Venice

The Zip Line will offer and help fund regularly scheduled-classes and workshops such as aerial acrobatics, juggling, and hooping specifically targeting at-risk children

The Zip Line will also provide a setting for impressive, cutting-edge performances several times during the 3-month pilot program

Organizers feel these aspects of the Zip Line fit in well with the spirit of Venice and will help to transform Ocean Front Walk back into an area of artistic expression and performance while offering local children unique opportunities and fostering an improved sense of community in the area

GreenHeart has pledged to offer one day per month to generate proceeds for local foundation(s) or NPO(s). They have a strong record of working with charity organizations.


Kevin Regan is willing put 2/3rd of Rec & Parks’ revenue generated by the Zipline back into Ocean Front Walk Park maintenance, including restroom cleanup and refuse collection in the park

Kevin assured the VNC that the revenue to Parks and Rec from the Zipline would be ADDED to the Ocean Front Walk Park budget – no money already allocated to Ocean Front Walk area will be taken out.

The idea of a special account to be created for this revenue with input from the VNC as to where the money is spent (bathrooms cleanup, trash pickup, etc) was discussed and Kevin was open to this

Kevin mentioned he wasn’t sure whether the extra labor from this special revenue would be directly from Rec & Parks. He mentioned Chrysalis ( as a possible labor provider

Kevin was not willing to discuss the details of the deal structure Rec & Parks is making with GreenHeart nor the projected revenue. He did however say that he is inclined towards making a deal based on a percentage split

And he said that details of the deal would become public if permits are issued (because they would be public documents).

Ian Green said that GreenHeart’s Zipline at Freemont Street in Las Vegas records an average of 400 riders per day – at $20 per ride, that’s an average $8000 per day in gross revenue.

Additional revenues for the Venice location would be generated by the instructional classes offered to kids on an income based sliding scale (no estimate of that income was provided).

With regard to Greenhearts’s Zipline in Bootleg Park outside Las Vegas, Ian Green said that they pay $30,000 per month to rent the park.

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