Car Chase with Shots Fired Near Penmar Golf Course


Santa Monica Police are investigating a car to car shooting that happened before noon today “just west of 1700 Dewey” near Penmar Golf Course and Park.

1700 Dewey

Santa Monica Police say that the cars appeared to be chasing each other when the shooting occurred. Neither vehicle remains at the scene, the SMPD forensics team is on site and investigating.

UPDATE TWO: SMPD report that they do have witnesses (golfers) to the 11:14am shooting. The suspects are male Hispanics and the vehicles they are looking for are 1) a (possibly metallic) red four door passenger car (possibly a Saturn) and 2) a gold or silver Honda Accord.

UPDATE 1: Brenton Garen of The Santa Monica Mirror now has a report online:

Vehicles were seen speeding eastbound on Dewey with suspects firing rounds at each other from both cars.

He said neither the LAPD or SMPD had any victims or suspects.

“All of the hospitals have been notified,” Lewis said. “We did obtain evidence to multiple shell casings at the location from two different caliber guns meaning it was a car-to-car shooting, not just a one victim, one suspect.”