House of Jerky Venice Beach!


The Venice Beach House of Jerky is open for business as of today on Ocean Front Walk!

House of Jerky Venice

Started as a roadside stand fifteen years ago, House of Jerky opened their first store in Temecula soon after. They now have 25 stores nationwide. The owners of the Venice store, Greg and Judy, are the in-laws of HOJ founders Ron and Janie and the Venice store marks their first location in the family business.

House of Jerky offers the highest quality Beef, Buffalo, Salmon, Alligator, Venison, Wild Boar and Turkey Jerky. Pineapple and Vegan Jerky should be on the shelves next week. The jerky is made “the old fashioned way”, sliced from lean whole premium USDA A Grade meats. It is not ground, chopped, processed or formed into strips. No preservatives, artificial colors, nitrites, MSG or flavor enhancers are used.

House of Jerky at the Gingerbread Court
517 Ocean Front Walk #17
Venice 90291