Venice Beach Shopping: It’s in the Air


It’s in the Air“: Lori Kingsnorth‘s tips for some great shopping finds around Venice!

Heather’s Flowers

Venice Beach Shopping: It's in the Air

Heather’s Flowers is located on Washington  one block from the Venice pier,  a neighborhood staple for over 15 years.

Ross the florist will create a unique bouquet for you using the beautiful selection of phalaenopsis orchids and flowers imported from Holland, New Zealand and South America.

What is romantic to Ross: bringing romance and joy to others through his flower creations


Venice Beach Shopping: It's in the Air

Patricia opened the doors to ChocVivo on Abbot Kinney three months ago. Her chocolate is stone ground using methods dating back 2000 years and only uses whole ingredients that are sourced directly from the grower. Visit and stay for a tasting to savor the different flavors!

Almonds + Seasalt, Coffee + Vanilla and Mayan Tradition are a few of the selections to choose from.

What is romantic to Patricia: she recently came home to find all her laundry done and folded and after putting in long hours opening the shop this was perfectly romantic

Arts & Letters

Venice Beach Shopping: It's in the Air

Linda and Lee were fans of this shop before becoming the current owners. It was a dream of Linda’s to be a part of products she is passionate about. Each day in the store is a joy for them both and they are happy to assist you in any way they can while you visit.

At Arts & Letters you will find gift boxes, invitation services, gift ideas and handmade artistic cards.

What is romantic to Linda: Her husband’s proposal! An airplane flew over them at night while eating dinner outside and when she looked up there was a message lit up on the bottom of the plane and it read, “Dear Linda, will you marry me??? Love Lee.” … she quickly replied “Yes.”



Heather’s Flowers
101 Washington Blvd.

1504 Abbot Kinney

Arts & Letters
2665 Main St. Suite C