Take the Mayor’s LA City Budget Survey!


Residents: get your opinions heard!

From the West L.A. Neighborhood Council:

The Budget Survey
was released almost 3 weeks ago, but as of last count the survey has been taken by only 162 NC board members from the approximately 1,500 NC board members that sit on the City’s 95 Neighborhood Councils.

Board members, it is essential that you take the survey to keep WLANC a credible force in the eyes of the Mayor.

West L.A. residents, we ask that you take it too. It is essential that our numbers be high to keep the voice of West L.A. strong.

You can take the survey now at budgetsurveyla.com. It’s much faster than before.

Thank you,
Jay Handal-Chair
West L.A. Neighborhood Council

Budget Survey Background Information

The Mayor’s Office and the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates hope to get a good understanding of the budget priorities for both your board members and other stakeholders. Please be sure to remind your board members and stakeholders to indicate that they are affiliated with your NC when they take the survey, and have your board members identify themselves as such. This will be very helpful for us as we work to identify the budget priorities and needs of your community.

Feel free to encourage your board members to start taking the survey now, so that by the time you have your board meeting, everyone will have taken it and you can focus your energies on encouraging your stakeholders.