Made in Venice: Steele Malone


Yup … pretty much anything you can think of is made in Venice! From Steele Malone:

Steele Malone is the designer of the worlds most luxurious Venetian glass dilettos. Each piece is designed with every part of your anatomy in mind, the soft curves and delicately balanced feel will bring you sensations that you’ve only dared imagined. Hand Crafted in Venice Beach, California with ancient Venetian glass blowing techniques the art of glass making lives on in new modern freeform design.

The diletto starts as 2500 degree Molten glass and takes life as it is shaped and formed by hand to finally become its ultimate design of pleasure. Steele Malone himself oversees and leads the process from start to finish as his team of glass masters put their intense energy and focus into each creation. Finally the piece is crowned a Dilleto when it is stamped with the Steele Malone seal verifying its masterful craftsmanship.

Steele Malone