Lost Cockatiel!


My cockatiel Echo is lost! Hopefully he is still somewhere in Venice! I live off Canal St. which is where he flew from. He is super friendly, whistles a lot, and says “hello pretty bird” and “I love you”.

Lost Cockatiel!

If you see him please call Megg at 919 412 4859 or email!

How to catch a bird:

If some one found him it would be because they saw him in a tree or on something in which I would have to come get him or he would land on them (head/ shoulder). In the case that he landed on someone, they should immediatly, but slowely walk into a closed area where he cannot fly back out and NOT try to get him off their head or shoulder with their hand!! He will fly off! he does NOT like hands accept mine. If someone where to make it to a secure area they could put their head or shoulder against any chair/couch and he would hop off…