Community Meeting on Penmar Park Murders: June 29th


There will be a community meeting to discuss the double murders that took place last week at Penmar Park tomorrow evening starting at 7pm in the Penmar Recreation Center gymnasium.

Penmar Park

The meeting, organized by Recreation Facility Director Juan Guzman, will include representatives from the Mayor’s Office, Council District 11 (Bill Rosendahl’s office), The Los Angeles Police Department, OPS, The City of Los Angeles Crisis Response Team (CRT ), The County of LA Dept Mental Heath Psychiatric Mobile Response Team (PMRT) and the Venice Neighborhood Council.

Community Meeting at Penmar Park
Wednesday, June 29, at 7pm
Penmar Recreation Center Gymnasium
1341 Lake St.
Venice Beach 90291

A full schedule for the meeting is “after the jump”:

City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks Penmar Recreation Center

Park Advisory Board Meeting Agenda Wednesday June 29th
7:00 p.m.

I. Welcome – Juan Guzman Penmar RC Facility Director
II. Introductions – PAB Members
III. Director’s Report – Facility Director
i. Summer Sports
1. Coed Basketball – Registration 5/2
a. Evaluations Saturday June 11th
b. League Begins Saturday July 9th – August 27th
ii. Summer Sports Camp
1. June 25th – September 2nd (10 Wks)
iii. Summer Classes – Begin Tuesday July 5th

IV. Quimby Update
a. AC in Gym – Complete (Informational)
b. Stage Lights – Complete (Informational)
c. Tennis courts – Complete (Informational)
d. Gym floor – Complete (Informational)
e. Upgrading Diamond #1 Lights – Complete (Informational)
f. Outside basketball courts – Next on List (Estimate May 2011)
i. Construction Plan is in development
V. Prop – O Update
a. Construction set to began – January
b. Approx time of Total construction 18-20 months
VI. Incident Wednesday June 22nd
a. Mayor’s Office
b. CD11
d. OPS
e. City of LA – Crisis Response Team (CRT )
f. County of LA Dept Mental Heath Psychiatric Mobile Response Team – (PMRT)
g. VNC
VII. Community Comments / Questions (2 mins)

VIII. Upcoming Fundraisers
a. Shakey’s Pizza Fundraiser Wednesday August 3rd – Culver City 5pm-8pm

IX. Next PAB Meeting – September 13th @ Penmar Club Room – 7:00 p.m.
X. Meeting Adjourned