LAPD Stand Off and Car Chase 5-31-11


Wondering what all the excitement was down by the main lifeguard tower and on Venice streets earlier today? Venice documentarian Tony Vera was on scene! (The video is pretty much just a standoff until 12:00 or so and then Tony catches up with them after the guy was caught..)

A suspect tried to drive on the sand which caught the attention of the Lifeguards. After the suspect began rubbing what appeared to be grease all over his body and barricaded himself in his van, the lifeguards dropped a dime on him and called the LAPD.

The suspect then began writing phrases on his vehicle which include “I was shot by the LAPD for Preaching Gods Word”, “I want my money”, “John 3:16”, “Repent you people” and other phrases.

Running the plates, the LAPD found the suspect was a “critical missing” from Washington state and known to be bi-polar. The suspect proceeded to ram two LAPD cars and then make a run for it, at which point an officer laid down a “spike strip” which hindered his getaway.

After a PIT maneuver or two in Culver City, the chase ended in front of Bunnin Chevrolet at 6101 West Slauson. Negotiations and surrender then happened and the LAPD took him into custody (with a trip to the hospital). Way to go LAPD!

Check the interview with Captain Peters of the LAPD which starts at 12:30 explaining what took place!

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Big thanks to Tony Vera as always!