LAPD: New Horizons Task Force in Venice Today!


Have you noticed an increased presence of LAPD officers around Venice today? That would be the LAPD “New Horizons Task Force” which was planned over a month ago as part of the city wide LAPD “New Horizons” program. The program deploys all of the available officers of a given division to specific neighborhoods within their jurisdiction for 24 hours.


Since most all of the available Pacific Division LAPD offers are around Venice for the next 24 hours, it would be a good time for residents to introduce themselves to officers and speak with them about the community. If an officer doesn’t look too busy, feel free to say hello!

The Metro Division of the LAPD will be out in force on Saturday due to the recent murder, stabbing and shooting on and around the Venice Boardwalk and there will also be additional LAPD Pacific Division officers working on Sunday.

Don’t break laws like riding your bicycle on the boardwalk or the wrong way down Speedway or you may get a ticket! Don’t smoke on the boardwalk or at the skatepark! Don’t roll stop signs! Drink responsibly! Have a safe and drama free weekend!